For the best FineArt print

Getting your picture file ready
Your file should be in grayscale only (8 or 16 bits). Please select the TIF format (without any compression) for maximum quality. To get the best print, we recommend a 300dpi resolution. Please do not include white margins around the picture.
NOTE: no ICC profile is needed since all the work is done in gray scale mode. The ICC profiles available on our site must be used for soft-proofing only.

Check that your monitor is calbrated with 2.2 gamma during the whole processing of you file as well as to see and check the control files we will send you. You will the have the guarantee to get a print fair to your expectations.

Your picture might be centered on the sheet, or placed nearer to the top. For practical reasons, a minimum margin of 8 to 10mm is mandatory to facilitate the printing, th sheet handling and also for a possible framing using a passe-partout. Should you want a picture on the whole sheet, we recommend that you make a cuts after printing.

Don't worry...
Once your order is received, we carefully check your picture and all parameters. In case of problem we will comme back to you in order to provide the best prestation as possible.

Rights regarding your image

By sending your order, You declare to have all reproduction rights on the picture to be printed, and to have read the present conditions regarding
... undertakes not to divulge any personal information to third parties, and to use your photograph in any way without your prior written consent. Once the order is completed, the image file is deleted and no print is even partially retained by

How to send your file

Please send your file using the online order formular if it is not bigger than 20Mb. Otherwise,  you may use a third-party server to send us your file such as Then, you just have to specify it as remark in the order, or to send us small versions of your pictures so that we can recognize them. You can also send your data on a CD-ROM by postal mail.


How to send your negative

A negative is very valuable: send it by registered mail, carefully packed in a rigid envelope, if possible in B5 format.l