Awagami Papers

Awagami Inkjet papers are manufactured by Awagami Awagami Factory, a manufacturer of high quality Japanese paper founded in 1952 by the Fujimori family, located in the department of Tokushima, southwest Japan. The birth of Awagami (paper of Awa country, former name of Tokushima) goes back 1300 years ago. Since then, this region is known for making Japanese paper using traditional materials and methods.

The spirit of Awagami Factory is to constantly innovate in the creation of various Japanese papers while keeping its traditional know-how. In the image of Japanese society, Awagami, both traditional and high-tech, wants to offer products in harmony with the latest
Fine Art printing processes. The Awagami inkjet paper is the result of their extensive and exciting research.

This unique and very resistant paper made with traditional materials (Kozo, Mitsumata, Gampi and Bamboo) has a long shelf life and can take images in high definition while retaining the look and soft feel of Japanese paper. These papers correspond in every respect to the
Carbon on Rag philosophy advocated by, you will find them in the paper catalog for your fineart prints. Also, we have made for you a selection of these papers available for sale.

Our prices are available in PDF file.